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News: 05 March 2019

Bringing you the new and improved Groundsure Homebuyers report

Working closely with leading suppliers such as Groundsure, Thames Water Property Searches ensure that we not only sell the searches but fully understand the detail within them.

Groundsure have changed their Homebuyers report. This report reviews contaminated land, flood, ground stability, radon and screens other environmental risks such as energy, transportation and planning to provide comprehensive environmental checks for a residential property.

The new and improved enhanced version of the report is now based on Land Registry polygons (the original Homebuyers was point based), and has several new features, a vastly improved layout, clearer design and navigation as well as incorporating the enhanced features of the Homebuyers Plus including:

  • Flood risk assessment now including new JBA 5m groundwater data and detailing all sources of flood including groundwater and surface water
  • Enhanced view on potential and planned energy installations
  • In-depth transportation summary provides detail on HS2, Crossrail 1, Crossrail 2, Railways and underground railways
  • Enhanced screening on planning applications, and
  • Improved visual and cultural designations.
Please click here to view a sample of the new and improved Groundsure Homebuyers report.

Should you have any questions regarding the Groundsure Homebuyers report, please contact a member of our Customer Experience Team on 0845 070 9148.
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